How it all began...
I am a dog mom, wife, mother, grandmother, step-mother, daughter. Our 4 dogs are our family. I have been in dog rescue in Dallas off and on for 20 years and now own my own dog rescue called Bull luv able Paws.

While knee deep in dog rescue, I thought it was necessary to offer some type of out of town care to our foster dogs and The Pet Divas was born. I knew there were other pet parents out there, like my husband and me, who loved their pets and wanted the absolute best care for them while they were away. I didn't want our foster dogs in boarding while their foster parents were out of town or on a long day of work as I was not having good experiences with boarding our own dogs in doggie day care facilities. I knew our dogs felt comfort in their home, with their beds, food and toys as would all other family pets.

The Pet Divas grew from vacation pet sitting and weekend pet sitting, in Dallas, to full time daily dog walks in and around my neighborhood, to all over the Dallas metro area. We are the most trusted Dallas pet sitting service. Come see why!!

Exercise is an intricate part of your dog's all around good health. Daily dog walks in Dallas help them stay tuned in, not participate in bad habits or behaviors and makes them truly happy. Kitties also need daily interaction and play time. It makes the Divas happy too! My goal with The Pet Divas is to help family pets get what is best for them. I treat them as my own family. Every pet in our care KNOWS how much I love them. They can tell because I just do. I have a deep love for our fur babies. I was born to do this. This is not my job. It is my love; my passion. I know how busy life can get so I want to make it easier for people and their pets.

The Pet Divas is a professional and trusted Dallas pet sitting service. To better meet your pet’s needs we offer a complete line of pet services including pet sitting, in-room hotel services, daily dog walks, and a local Dallas pet taxi service. The Pet Divas are animal lovers first so you know all our visits come with loads of love and personalized attention. We strive to be the best pet service provider we can so when you choose The Pet Divas, you really can go guilt free.

Missy Redding
Chief Diva

Missy & Jeff Redding

The Pet Divas